Welcome to / PROHEALTH WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC, an independent authorized Ideal Protein Weight Loss Clinic.  We are a division of Kennedy Road I.D.A. Pharmacy, working in partnership with Golden Apple Medical Clinic, to offer our dieters with a cost-effective weight loss program. 

The Ideal Protein Difference...

The reason we offer Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program is because it works.  The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program helps your body lose the extra fat without sacrificing muscle mass.  There are many diets that claim they work, but don't, or they are too difficult to follow.  Ideal Protein provides you with, not just a simple product, but with a comprehensive continuing education program to help you lose weight and  maintain your weight, because maintaining a stable weight after dieting often requires changes to your lifestyle habits.

Learning how to maintain a stable weight after dieting should be your ultimate goal.  Therefore, when you begin our program you will be assigned a personal weight loss coach. Your coach will assist you through each of the 4 phases of the Ideal Protein method. In phases 1 & 2 your coach will help you set your weight loss goals and support you on that journey. In phases 3 & 4 your coach will shift focus to weight stabilization and post diet living, teaching you weight maintenance habits that may assist you in keeping the excess pounds off after dieting. You will learn:

  • how your body fat is burned;
  • the relationship between insulin and weight gain;
  • which foods are best suited for healthy weight management;
  • when, why and in what combination to eat carbohydrates, fats, and proteins;
  • and much more.

The PROHEALTH Weight Loss Difference...

At Kennedy Road I.D.A. Pharmacy, we are proud to be the first accredited pharmacy within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to offer the myDNA test kit for wellness and nutrition.  The myDNA wellness and nutrition report provides genetic information to help you gain insight into what type of food may suit you based on your DNA.  This is especially beneficial for people who want to start dieting and the Ideal Protein dieters on the Phase 4 of the Ideal Protein maintenance program.  In addition, our Weight Loss Coaches are passionate and are trained in healthy lifestyle and nutrition.  They work collaboratively with our pharmacists and/or physicians to ensure your weight loss is safe and effective.  Our Chief Pharmacist is a Certified Diabetes Educator and is a member of the Canadian Obesity Network with special training on weight loss/management.  We are committed to providing you with the best service possible to bringing you the best value for your money.

Not All Weight Loss Programs are created equal.  Discover the PROHEALTH Weight Loss Difference, Book a Free Consultation or Call 416-298-2222 for further information.